Colt .45 single action army (saa) revolver gay anzeigen Mönchengladbach

Some guns are innovative, some interesting and some forgettable, but they’re all just tools — with the exception of one.

For as long as you’ve been seeking oxygen, craftsmen in Hartford, Connecticut, have been breathing life into a gun that, after more than 140 years, refuses to be exiled into antiquity.

Some will profess that with 21st-century wondernines, ultra-compact mouse guns and accessory-railed tactical blasters, there’s no place for a single-action revolver.

Colt .45 single action army (saa) revolver-89

Regardless of barrel length or caliber, gorgeous case-hardening and deep, dark bluing and hand fitment of parts are standard with every one.

There is something even more special about one that is yours.

The hands of men shape them, and their sweat is impregnated within. Samuel Colt once wrote, “Money is a trash I have always looked down upon that I never had handy to know how to appreciate it.” Funny thing: By the early 1850s, Colt had become one of the richest men in America.

Without exception, every time one of us handle Colt’s single action it fuels a fire burning within.

The Rough Riders carried it up San Juan Hill, and it rode the range, the veldt and the gold fields with Major Burnham.

Americans carried it to Europe during World War I, and Patton carried it there and to Africa during World War II.That’s the type of rig an SAA is supposed to ride in. At 10 yards, it put bullets very near point of aim with .38 Special and .357 Magnum loads, and we were able to punch five-shot groups measuring about 2 inches.Groups were similar from the bench at 25 yards, but the point of impact was a little left and high.They remain a viable defensive arm if for no other reason than they meet the “must have a gun” requirement.Surprisingly, they can be fired with intimidating rapidity with two-handed operation when the support-hand thumb is used to cock the revolver.The acquisition of Colt’s Peacemaker is, in most cases, the cure for an aching desire.