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For the many visitors to the town, fine overnight accommodation is offered by the camping site, the youth hostel, guest houses, and hotels.

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The boundaries of the area belonging to Vestre marina are towards SW by Strandvejen, towards SE by Vestre Allé, towards NE by the stone pier and its extension and towards NW by a line perpendicular to Strandvejen to the break in the stonewall.

For all navigation through the mentioned channels, which are all narrow channels, the Danish Maritime Authority’s regulations apply: “Bekendtgørelse om regler for sejlads m.m. It is strictly prohibited to anchor in the area which has its boundaries in a line from the SE’ernmost point on Ærøskøbing harbour’s E-pier to the S’ernmost point on Dejrø, and a line from the W’ernmost point on Dejrø to the E’ernmost point on Odden S of Bjergene and from there to the E’erly end of the of the wharf N of the ferry berth at the harbour’s N’ern pier.

Dette hotel med spa ligger i hjertet af Svendborg, kun 15 minutters gang fra Maritimt Center, Naturama og Forsorgsmuseet. Overnatningsstedet har en marina, en spa med fuld service og en restaurant.

Foruden gratis kontinental morgenmad tilbydes gæster gratis internet via kabel på fællesarealer og gratis selvstændig parkering.

The town’s development has been rational and gradual, governed by natural conditions – what in our time would be referred to as a sustainable development.

Just the way all other towns in the country developed. At the tourist office you may wish to buy a beautiful booklet that was published on the occasion of the outstanding award to Ærøskøbing in 2002 of the Europa Nostra Prize for Cultural Heritage.

The town can be seen as a monument of the past, but at the same time it is a significant model for present-day residential housing because it is an expression of the accumulated experience of generations on knowledge of housing and town planning. Because of the great respect for risk of fire and based on a resolution from 1787 banning the use of open fire on board wooden ships, cooking houses were erected on the harbours.

In 1810, »die Brückenkasse« paid for such a cooking house on Ærøskøbing Harbour.

Many of its houses are unconditionally preserved and the town as a whole is subject to a preservation planning with strict guidelines for the development of the town and for the construction of new houses and renovation of old ones.

The museums tell the story of Ærøskøbing and centuries as a market town where shipping and trade were the main activities in addition to hinterland farming.

The area is used as a swinging space by the ferry when approaching and leaving Ærøskøbing harbour.