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5,600 ha of woodland situated in northern Zealand, west and south of Lake Esrum.

The curved terrain create a lot of small ponds, bogs and swamps and exposes quite a lot of springs, some enshrouded by myths, superstition or old folk tales.

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This has already bettered the biological diversity and have had a direct positive influence on the living conditions of the birds in Gribskov.

There are several interesting bodies of water in Gribskov, seen from both a scientific and folkloristic viewpoint: Store Gribsø (English: Large Grib-lake) or just Gribsø, is only a 10 ha lake, but is nevertheless the largest lake enclosed by Gribskov.

The forest is growing in a hilly terrain (by Danish standards), with lower lying areas in the east and west.

The low lying areas are dominated by beech and oak, but with several forest types mixed in, like wood pastures or old coppice woodland with alder and ash for example.Many new tree species were introduced to the wood, former wetlands were drained and planted with trees, especially European spruce.These practises are now dismantled in Gribskov, the spruce plantations are cut down, artificial ditches are being filled to allow a more natural waterflow and it is believed to be naturally and quickly replaced by an alder, birch and willow habitat in coming years.On top of that, Gribskov is designated as an Important Bird Area (IBA). 1,200 ha of the forest has been reserved as 'forest to be untouched', in an effort to preserve some of the few spots of semi-natural woodland (SNW) in Denmark and stimulate the growth of new.The birdlife in Gribskov is varied and of international importance.The forest is owned and administered by the State of Denmark.