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The following 4 cookies are generated: Type: Persistent cookie Name: MARKET_REDIRECT_COOKIE Lifetime: 10 year Description: Keeps the preferred market Type: Persistent cookie Name: MARKET_REDIRECT_CURRENT Lifetime: 10 year Description: Keeps the preferred market id Type: Persistent cookie Name: MY_GUIDE_NAME Lifetime: 1 year Description: Keeps the "My Guide Name" on guide save.Type: Persistent cookie Name: MY_GUIDE_ITEMS Lifetime: 1 year Description: Keeps the "My Guide" items (content). Flash movies and cookies Flash cookies are stored on the user's computer by Adobe Flash Player.The North Funen Tourist Office does not compare the IP address with other information that Google holds. Persistent cookies for language provision uses persistent cookies to remember the language used during the user’s last visit on the site.On the next visit to the website, the user will automatically receive the correct language version.advertisers with content on a certain page) that has elements embedded in the page the user is visiting. Cookies from Google Analytics At Visit Nordfyn.dk, Google Analytics is used to analyze how users use the site.

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