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På Euroshop i Düsseldorf, världens ledande detaljhandelsmässa, kunde Interroll gruppen både inspirera besökare med de lösningar som visades vid dess monter och säkra en betydande ny order med ett kontrakt för leverans av trummotorer med ett värde på upp till 7,5 miljoner euro under de kommande fyra åren.

These systems all feature mature technology with one common denominator: quality testing is integrated into the injection molding process.

The benefit: faulty parts can be excluded from the production process before they cause unnecessary costs.

To start with, the entirely new intuitive design sets new standards.

The display − equipped with optimized touch-based operation – is now more closely tailored to users' needs.

Another attractive innovation: the operating controls and procedures are consistently geared to the injection molding process – for instance, cavity-specific analyses can be carried out.

Additional Tools to Improve Process Monitoring But that's not all: Como Neo offers even more tools – such as the newly-designed user management feature that allows every company to set up its own specific roles for various users, and automatic mold identification to prevent errors on the interface between the mold and the integrated monitoring software.De viktigaste branscherna är leverans, paket- och posttjänster, flygplatser, livsmedel och distributionscenter.Huvudkontoret ligger i Sant’Antonino, Schweiz och Interroll består av 32 företag och cirka 2 000 anställda över hela världen.The results from the EO Assistant therefore define the evaluation types and the relevant limits.Thanks to this approach, components can be monitored with high precision and pseudoscrap (i.e. Complaints from customers are also avoided because no faulty components leave the production line.Users also benefit directly from the increased number of channel inputs on the Como Neo: twice as many cavity pressure signals can now be recorded, so molds with a large number of cavities can be connected.