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You can work so much quicker than in other CAD programs like Archi CAD and Vector Works. I found it intuitive and very pleasant to use." — Mario Lenoti, New Zealand "... )" — Olle Sundberg, Sweden "I've been using Design Workshop Lite for the last six months and find it an excellent tool..." — Paul Peppard, Australia "I must say that this package is the most impressive software package I have used since I learned to use computers 16 years ago.

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Fast to learn, and fast to use, Design Workshop is your quickest path to profiting from architectural 3D graphics, whether you start with 2D CAD drawings, and then zap them into Design Workshop to pop them into 3D for rendering, or whether you prefer to design with a live 3D model, and then zap out the plans, sections, and elevations for notes, dimensions, and detailing in your production drafting environment, Design Workshop is the tool that will make 3D profitable for you - finally!

- or we'll take it back.* For the ultimate presentation, Design Workshop also integrates smoothly with all the major high-end CAD, rendering, and animation software, including Art*lantis, Lightscape, Light Works, and Radiance, which are recommended, sold, and supported directly by Artifice, as well as Auto CAD, 3D Studio Max and Viz, Electric Image, Strata Studio Pro, Infini-D, KPT Bryce, Caligari Truespace, and so on.

Traditional drafting software only works in two dimensions, like pencil and paper.

Most so-called "3D applications" are really just souped-up drafting software, with little or no editing available in the perspective view.7minutes2love ist von der Speed Dating Methode komplett berzeugt und nutzt daher die Erkenntnis, dass es mglich ist die Sympathie zu einem Menschen innerhalb der ersten Minuten zu erfassen."Very impressed with product, even more impressed with the clarity and humanity of the Tutorial..." — Jim Hayward, UK "Wonderful application.Designers who work full time creating built-environment projects, models, and images, including architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and exhibit and production designers, will enjoy the fast, easy and creative visualization environment of Design Workshop Professional, available starting at just 9 for both Windows 95/98/ME/XP/NT/2000 and Macintosh Classic (not native for Mac OS X).At every level, Design Workshop gives you the best in live 3D modeling, with integrated 3D walkthrough and fully texture-mapped real-time rendering.Zum Schluss gibst du deine Erwartungen und Anforderungen an deine zukünftige Lehrstelle an – zum Beispiel ob du in einem Büro oder in einer Werkstatt arbeiten möchtest.