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In each different place we use different venues – all of them have a large hall where the activities take place and it doubles up as a large dormitory where participants also spend the night.

They have been created by an interdisciplinary team lead by Alberto Varela, who has wide experience using Ayahuasca combined with psychotherapy; they offer you a space to do your inner work with great intensity and depth.

This is based on the premise that, confronted with the complexity of the problems we have, we must find massive and powerful approaches for their true resolution.

You can participate without taking ayahuasca or by taking a minimum dose.

The core of the retreat isn’t based on “taking Ayahuasca” but on the transformative process of inner evolution that takes place.

This is a psycho-emotional preparation and encourages each participant’s reality to surface.

We do not prescribe any special diet or abstinence before the retreat because based on our extensive experience we have observed that participants benefit most when they go into the process in a natural and unmodified way, meeting the experience just as they are in their daily lives.However, if the participant chooses to follow a special diet they´re free to do so.AYAHUASCA SESSION: This process lasts between 4 and 6 hours and takes place after the preparation.It consists of one full dose of Ayahuasca taken between 21.00 and 22.00.In certain cases, to access a more complete experience, one or two supplementary doses (boosters) are available an hour and a half after the session has begun.Ayahuasca is an Amazonian gift that is shared in these sessions at no cost whatsoever.