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(official) Soldier for Life - Transition Assistance Program Performance Triad Fort Bliss MWR JBLM BOSS Fort Drum BOSS Area IV BOSS Area I BOSS U. If you're a single servicemember, BOSS members advocate for you by advancing quality of life issues on the installation, and in the barracks, to senior leaders on post and throughout the Army.

COM Camp Zama BOSS Fort Polk BOSS Fort Meade Family and MWR Fort Mc Coy MWR Presidio of Monterey Shades of Green Fort Gordon MWR Fort Rucker BOSS Ft Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield BOSS USAG-MIAMI FMWR Fort Detrick Family and MWR Fort Knox Family and MWR FMWR Fort Buchanan Fort Belvoir MWRPosted by Army Family and MWR Programs on Monday, January 4, 2016 The Better Opportunities for Single Servicemembers (BOSS) program represents the voice of the single servicemember.

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The Jews of Wiesbaden were allowed to trade in luxury goods for vacationers in the city, and during the 19th century most of the Jews became established in trade; some were property owners, and Jews also figured prominently among the practitioners of the free professions in the city, some of them practicing law and medicine.A number of Jewish residents of Wiesbaden established Jewish bath houses, but by the mid-19th century mixed (Jewish and non-Jewish) bath houses were permitted, and the Jewish bath houses were closed.Jews were also forbidden from visiting public gardens and attending certain cultural activities.At the beginning of the 18th century Wiesbaden had one synagogue, which in 1732 was repositioned on the roof of a bath house.Contact the USAG Rheinland-Pfalz BOSS President to request the BOSS Representative Appointment Memo. Approved hours can also count towards your Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal (MOVSM), President Volunteer Service Award or a Certificate of Appreciation. Contact your local BOSS office, speak with your unit BOSS reps, ask leadership for information or go to the top of this page, locate the "Email Us" button and submit an inquiry requesting your current installation's POC. What kind of activities and events are offered through BOSS?

Please know that all are welcome to attend BOSS meetings and functions even if they are not an official BOSS Rep. BOSS has many events ranging from concerts and attending drag races to volunteering with youth and handing out holiday stockings to newly arrived PV1s. Contact BOSS by reaching out to your unit BOSS Representative or the USAG RP BOSS President.

For inquiries, please contact the following: DSN: (314)541-9060Commercial: 49 (0)611-143-541-9060 1. Contact ACS, your unit BOSS representative or the BOSS President at the USAG RP BOSS office for a VMIS registration instruction packet. BOSS reps are expected to attend meetings, volunteer at least once a month, and be dedicated to the BOSS mission of representing single Service Members.

To become a BOSS representative, interested candidates must complete a Representative Appointment Memo and have it signed by their Commander. Logged and approved volunteer hours will be recognized throughout your military career as officially completed hours. Anyone who wishes to attend a BOSS meeting is always welcome. How can I find out who is the BOSS program manager at my installation?

Ofcourse good pub food is also available- Burger, Onion rings etc and etc.

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Activities and events change on a monthly basis so you will need to get involved with BOSS to get an updated listing of events. BOSS contact info can also be found on your units BOSS Board.