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The sites listed here are some of the best preserved and most interesting.All are accessible to the public on a daily basis, free of charge.The tomb was built during the Neolithic period (c.4000 to 2500BC) and was in use until the late Bronze Age (c.1000BC).

Perry's Guide: 6B2Parking: Public car park at L'Ancresse Beach.Bus Routes: 11, 91This prehistoric passage grave is 9 metres long with a narrow entrance expanding into a round ended chamber.Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the links to find out more information about the sites.Remains of a small medieval settlement, excavated in 1995.It was probably carved in two phases with the later decoration including a face in a frame of curled hair. At one time it stood within the church grounds but was later moved outside the gates.

Perry's Guide: 30D1Parking: Limited parking outside the church. Bus Routes: 11, 81, 91This is a cist-in-circle - a small megalithic chamber is enclosed within a small circular mound.

Bus Routes: 61Prehistoric passage grave approximately 10 metres in length.

One of the capstones has a remarkable carving featuring a bearded face, arms and hands, what appears to be a strung bow and a series of symbolic designs.

It is 5 metres in diameter and with a kerb of large slabs and boulders.

An exceptional feature is a row of 12 curved cup shaped marks on one of the stones. Accessible via footpath signposted for Les Fouaillages from Les Ammarreurs Road.

Perry's Guide: 6B3Parking: Public car park at Les Ammarreurs / Ladies Bay.