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Helicopter parenting doesn’t fly in the Seventh Circuit and our client is delighted to put this nonsense behind them.” The dismissal was widely anticipated after Judge Herndon’s decision last March to dismiss the class action complaint brought by Kelly Sonnenberg.

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Further, there are no allegations that defendants won Casey Sonnenberg’s money.Plaintiffs’ second amended complaint fails to plead that defendants participated in the games by placing bets or wagers, won bets or wagers, or risked any of their own money. Again, based on the allegations in the second amended complaint, the Court finds that defendants were more akin to a third party service provider that provided a forum for others to play games and did not have a stake in how the games were decided/won.Während des Feuerwehreinsatzes, der bis etwa 10.45 Uhr dauerte, mussten die umliegenden Straßen teilweise gesperrt werden.Nach ersten Einschätzungen der Polizei entstand ein Schaden von 150.000 Euro. Judge Herndon cited various elements of the case in articulating his decision, starting with a failure to plead loser / loss: First, defendants argue that plaintiffs fail to identify a loser or a loss.

Specifically, defendants argue that other than identifying Casey Sonnenberg as a purported loser, plaintiffs failed to identify a single cognizable loser or a loss in that the second amended complaint does not plead basic facts, including: when the purported loss was incurred, to whom (i.e.

which player) the loss was sustained, and what is the amount of the loss in question […] The Court agrees with defendants and again finds that plaintiffs have failed to plead both loser and loss sufficiently.

Section 8(b) of the LRA plainly states that a non-loser plaintiff does not have a cause of action until the gambling loser has failed to bring suit within six months of the loss.

The Sonnenbergs were seeking damages from Poker Stars based on an Illinois statute that allows recovery of losses stemming from illegal gambling.

Illinois is one of several states with such provisions in their gambling law.

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