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All activities of Titertek-Berthold will be moved to the Berthold Technologies headquarter.

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Anselm Berthold, owner and president of Titertek-Berthold and shareholder of Berthold Technologies Gmb H.The products of Titertek-Berthold / Berthold Detection Systems Gmb H and the life science business of Berthold Technologies Gmb H & Co.The b Screen is the instrument of choice in applications such as epitope mapping, diagnostic and pharmaceutical screening as well as consumer safety tasks.Read more Through the recently signed partnership with Biametrics Gmb H, a spin-off of Tübingen University, Berthold Technologies is able to offer label-free detection solutions for kinetic interaction analysis.The b Screen LB 991 is a bench-top instrument based on the proprietary 1λ-Reflectometric Interference Detection (1λ-RIDe) for kinetic label-free bio-molecular interaction monitoring and analysis.

It is working with microarray slides, good for detecting up to 10,000 interactions within one run, thus closing the gap between conventional µArray approaches and currently available label-free techniques.

KG (“Bioanalytic”) have been trusted by scientists in basic research, pharmaceutical, biomedical and applied markets laboratories across the globe for more than half a century.

Bad Wildbad, Germany Berthold Technologies Gmb H & Co.

Read more The Process Control division offers non-contacting level measurement technology for use in a variety of industrial sectors.

As global leader in radiometric technology the level gauges provided by Berthold are unique in terms of reliability and long-term stability – the more than 20,000 measurement systems that are in operation worldwide are a proof of that every day.

Exclusively featuring the SCORE-technology from our Partner Biametrics, the b Screen combines the performance of µArray formats with the information available from label-free technologies.