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It's just 8km between the three major villages in Val Gardena, so you can choose any of these villages as your base during a visit.

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From there a bus service will take you to Val Gardena, but some hotels offer a pick-up service too.

Hotel Astor in Selva Gardena is a 3-star and bike-friendly hotel where you can stay for a reasonable price.

The Dolomites are a majestic mountain range in the Alps, formed of light-colored dolomitic limestone that erosion has carved into grotesque and impressive shapes.

The region is located in the northeast part of Italy and geographically, as well as culturally, is at a crossroads between Italy and Austria's Tyrol region to the north.

The beautiful limestone lined valley of ski areas, mountain streams and saw-toothed peaks is also the home of the main railway from Germany to Italy, and the most direct motorway route too. When you’re here, living, you hardly even notice it. I noticed the polluted haze back in February, when I donned touring skis to make the most of fresh snow, blue skies and a new location.

Climbing to the top of the Mutterer Alm, a local ski hill, I turned around to find my house among the sprawl of city laid below.You can also travel to Val Gardena by train both from Austria and Germany, and other parts of Italy.If you prefer the train, Chiusa and Ponte Gardena are the closest train stations.There are many more bike hotels in the valley, but check before you book your accommodation that they can store your bike safely.Most of the bike-friendly hotels also have a bike wash and sometimes space to do mechanical work.Sella Ronda MTB Tour is a spectacular bike tour that takes you around the beautiful Sella massif via four classic Dolomite passes — Gardena, Campolongo, Pordoi and Sella. It's more of a scenic route than a challenging mountain bike trail, but a classic in the Val Gardena area.